Curbside Safety

Loss Control Services:


Mitigating Risk for Curbside Services

Curbside service popularity is growing in a variety of industries especially in response to COVID-19.

Providing curbside services can possibly introduce new risks that employees and even customers may have not considered. Here are some tips that may help you to properly prepare your employees and your pick-up area to be safe and efficient.

  • Clearly designate and mark parking places where customers can wait
  • Parking places should be positioned or located strategically to avoid:*Employees walking near moving traffic, or in between vehicles - *Waiting vehicles blocking traffic flow - *Customer vehicles having to back-up if possible 
  • Use signs to direct and assist arriving customers
  • Describe pick up area to customers during phone orders or on your website
  • The area should be well lit, or extra lighting be provided
  • The area and pathway to the vehicles should be maintained and kept free of trip and slip hazards
  • No running
  • Have customers pay in advance by phone or when placing their on-line orders
  • If possible, make the pick-up area visible from the main door or windows of your business, and use a spotter to monitor as employees enter and exit  
  • Employees should wear bright clothing or reflective vests
  • Employees should not reach out or try to pet animals in customer vehicles
  • Any prepared food should be packaged and sealed properly to assist with temperature controls. Hot food containers should be double checked for secure fit of lids to help prevent spills
  • Avoid overloading bags or boxes to keep the weight and size manageable and easy to hand to the customer
  • Employees should practice good hygiene and follow all current Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines including washing and drying hands between each curbside encounter, or using appropriate hand sanitizer if soap and water are not immediately available. 
  • Be familiar with and adhere to all laws and regulations in your state regarding the sale of alcohol as it relates to pick-up.
  • Planning and preparing your business for curbside services can help employees and customers safely and efficiently pick-up their orders and appreciate the curbside experience provided by your business.

This bulletin is intended for informational purposes only and is offered solely as a guide to assist management in its responsibility of providing a safer working environment. This bulletin is not intended to cover all possible hazardous conditions or unsafe acts that may exist. Other unsafe acts or hazardous conditions should also be noted and corrective action taken.