Group Number

Class Code

Governing Classification
758017(1)(7)(9)Stores:  Retail N.O.C., Hardware, Product Demonstration
75-18059Stores:  Ceramic Tile
75-18062Stores:  Computer
75-28001Stores:  Florist
75-28008Stores:  Clothing, Wearing apparel, Dry Goods
75-38004Stores - Garden Supply
75-38066Stores:  Bicycle & Bicycle Accessories
75-48039Stores:  Department Stores
75-48070Stores:  Video, Media, Rental
75-58061Stores:  Groceries, Convenience
75-58006 (1)(2)Stores:  Groceries and Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables
75-68064Stores:  Office Supplies and Stationary
75-68071Stores:  Books
75-78063Stores:  Lighting Fixtures
75-78042Stores:  Floor Coverings
75-88046Stores:  Automobile parts, accessories, NOC and drivers
75-88117Stores:  Feed, Tack and Farm Supplies
75-98013Stores:  Eyewear, Wholesale/Retail
75-95641Clothing or Wearing Apparal Stores - Infant and Children
75-109586Barbershops or Beauty Supply
75-102585Stores:  Laundry - NOC
75-112586(1)Stores:  Dry Cleaning or Dyeing - NOC
75-112589Stores:  Dry Cleaning or Laundry
75-128060Stores:  Wine, Beer or Spirits
75-125921Stores:  Liquor Stores
75-135551Boat and Marine Supplies
75-135331Stores:  Variety Stores

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To qualify, you must be a California based-business and be classified under one of the Workers Compensation Class Codes or Governing Classification shown in the table.


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